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Reflecting on Personal Growth

Reflecting back on the beginning of my internship, I considered myself a strong communicator and socially inclined. However, my drastic growth in communicating and relationship building has shown me how much room I had for development. Although I did not reach my sales goals, despite my tenacity and diligence, I see my personal development as something much more priceless.


成千上万的客户谈论后害虫control while still maintaining a friendly nonchalant atmosphere, I found the perfect balance between personal connection and professionalism, which is essential to relationship building in the business world. I even began to apply this newfound skill to network with my co-workers by growing our personal relationship while simultaneously building a professional one that benefits us both in regards to our internship position. I plan on utilizing this valuable skill everywhere I go in the future. Whether it is on campus at Babson or at a job fair, I plan on using my relationship building and communication skills to form a relationship that benefits both parties in respect to our careers.